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Chiang Mai - 20.-23.02.07

Next stop Chiang Mai - we took the night train from Bangkok (12 hrs). This is better than taking the plane, as you get to see more of the landscape and meet lots of people (our neighbors were a Thai farmer and a teacher from Australia). That night i didnt get much sleep thanks to the air-con and the lamps though my upper bed was comfortable.

Chiang Mai is quite big but has a rural character, everything is more easy going. The old town is surrounded by a canal and the last bits of the ancient city walls. This area is like a maze and you can discover a lot on foot. You find a lot of temples (wats) - they are just everywhere. We had an interesting chat with monks in one of them. The biggest and most impressive Wat Doi Suthep is on a mountain top in a national park just outside Chiang Mai. I'm sure you already saw a picture of it somewhere. It is jawdroppingly beautiful! We also got a monk's blessing there and a white wristband for good luck. Just so you know you need not worry...

This town is also a famous gateway to the djungle. Curious as we are, and feeling well protected with our lucky band, we went on a 2-day-trip to the djungle. I can only recommend this to everybody, it was a very nice experience. We were a small international group (2 girls from Japan, 2 other Germans, 1 Australian and a Dutch couple plus our Thai guides). We walked a lot (sometimes difficult tracks), saw waterfalls, snakes, rice fields and buffalos and stayed the night in a Karen village. We got even in the djungle homemade Thai food (did i mention the delicious Thai food before???) and spent the evening sitting around a fire singing songs. I think i never saw sooo many stars in my whole life as that night out there.

20.2.07 10:28

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Marion (23.2.07 18:15)
Hallo Janine!
Schick uns ja ne Karte, das klingt alles sehr abenteuerlich. Und pass ja gut auf Dich auf!
Hier in Dublin ist alles ok, eine weitere Woche ist rum und FINALLY WEEKEND! Das Meer ruft mich schon.... Also denn - halt uns auf dem laufenden!
Ganz liebe Gruesse - Marion{Emotic(applause)

(8.3.07 21:52)
Hi Janinsche!
Hoert sich ja richtig toll an, was du bisher schreibst. Wuenschen dir weiterhin viel Spass auf deiner Entdeckungstour.Pass auf dich auf!
Freue mich schon riesig aufs Wiedersehen im April !!!
Ganz liebe Gruesse
Maros, Sabia und Katrin

Katrin (11.3.07 10:08)
Hallo Sista, ich soll dir von der Familie ausrichten, dass die alle kein Englisch können und darauf warten, dass du auch mal was in Deutsch schreibst...

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